When I wear my knitwear items, I want my “visual voice” to roar!

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June 12, 2018

Winter's Walk Cowl Update

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February 15, 2018

Here is an update on my latest design, "A Winter's Walk Cowl."  I'm on the last skein of the x-large size, and though it's been fun, I am really looking forward to casting off.  The weather here in Atlantic Canada is still "bite-your-@rse-off" cold, so I should have a few more weeks to wear it.  That is, if I can pry it out of my dear daughter's hands!

This design has been quite the adventure.  Finding the perfect stitches, swatching, knitting the samples...  I love the journey of designing, but when you hit that final button on your keyboard to release a pattern into your shop... Magic!  And a sigh of contentment.  But that feeling lasts only for a short while, because a skein, a photo, a stitch pattern or a book will suddenly spark the imagination and back to the designing table I go!