Redesigning NiNDesigns Blog

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August 25, 2015
So I've been very busy this summer learning new computer programs and playing around with coding for blogger sites.  Totally loving the coding stuff!  In fact, I'm giving my site a makeover.  What do you think so far?

I've also started a side business on Fiverr doing image background removals, converting images to vector files, and debugging blogger blogspot blogs.  If you need any help, find me here.  Hint hint!  :)

Knitting wise, things have been slow.  I did get 2 of the 4 shawls I wanted to do this summer off the needles and I cannot wait to show them to you!  I even found a VERY inexpensive way to purchase long blocking wires for almost next to nothing!  More on that latter...

The 3rd shawl is still on my needles and it is totally taking a beating.  Why?  Because I had the brilliance to increase my little family with a black Lab puppy.  My little girl named her Marla, which is "black bird" in Italian.  I love crows, ravens and black birds, so I can see her logic.  Me, I wanted to name her "Toast" because that is the extent of my cooking-- burnt toast.  Family voted and Marla it was.  :P

Now, I love puppies, but I forgot how much work they are.  And how they LOVE to shred anything that they sense you adore, like knitting bags.  I've got snags from little sharp teeth that I must darn in before I can even wear this shawl.  Grrr.

And I've found "Bloglovin."  Fun stuff! Follow my blog with Bloglovin.